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Thanks to a post by friend and guildmaster Andromache, I realize that five years ago, I sat at my iMac (a sunflower-style G4 iMac, back then) and after flicking between male and female night elf models, settled on female and then set about choosing a name. Druid…nature…trees (no Tree of Life back then) Enchanter..magic..sparkly..shiney.

Tree Shiney

Leaf Shine


The choice was made, and I sat back to watch the opening sequence for Night Elves.

Leafy, my guild and WoW's EU servers are five years old today.

Where did that half decade go?

(picture from May 2005)

  • krizzlybear


    happy birthday leafy!

  • Congrats. 🙂

  • Happy birthday Leafy!

  • Happy Birthday!

    *lines up five cupcakes with candles*

  • Gratz! Lets have some cake!

    Really nice to be in a guild with good friends for so long, I miss some of my old guilds I was in for long periods of time.

  • gratz! and thanks for reminding me. I started a couple of days late … I still remember playing through the first nights 🙂