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Fool for love
And another meta-achievement crossed off. Quite a bit of co-operation amongst the guild allowed the sharing of Love Fools and picnic baskets for maximum efficiency, as well as periods of farming Utgarde Keep for roses last weekend.

I ended up enjoying the holiday more than its previous iteration. It's significantly less random than the old version, and can be done in contained periods of playtime, which is good. That said, Blizz really gimped healers this time out. Running random dungeons and watching the tanks and DPS racking up Lucky Charms, while healers get zip – not very fair Blizz. Tying the spawn of the item to killing blows was always going to make things hard for the healers, especially once they nerfed all the easy ways of getting the charms.

Still, dual specs and AoE farming the converted heroes in Icecrown saw me through, and I'm glad it's done. I doubt I'll ever go through it all on another character, but I was glad I did it once. 


Thanks to a post by friend and guildmaster Andromache, I realize that five years ago, I sat at my iMac (a sunflower-style G4 iMac, back then) and after flicking between male and female night elf models, settled on female and then set about choosing a name. Druid…nature…trees (no Tree of Life back then) Enchanter..magic..sparkly..shiney.

Tree Shiney

Leaf Shine


The choice was made, and I sat back to watch the opening sequence for Night Elves.

Leafy, my guild and WoW's EU servers are five years old today.

Where did that half decade go?

(picture from May 2005)

It's been a while. hasn't it? 

It's not that I'm not playing WoW – I am. Quite a bit, in fact (as the above shot and the Achievement list to the right suggest). It's just that I'm having fun, without it actually triggering any thought-processes that I actually want to share very much.

I was down the pub on Saturday with a bunch of friends and guild-mates and we were batting this around a little. What's happened, in effect, that everyone who wanted to make the guild more serious about raiding has left in one way or another, to other games, to other guilds, to other servers. And we're back where we started as a guild – casual, having a laugh, doing fun suff and silly stuff and progression stuff as the fancy takes us. 

And when the most logical thing for a team of five 80s to do after this…

 …is this…

 (Our tank one-shotted the poor boss) 

…it feels like the guild is right where it should be. Fun.