Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

 Wow, this post has lain in draft state for over a week now. My focus really hasn't been here, has it?

To be honest, my focus hasn't really been on WoW for the last few weeks. My wife's going away for a holiday with her Mum in the next few weeks, and there will be plenty of time for me to be WoWing then. In the meantime, I've been either working or spending time with her.

Oh, there's been a little bit of raiding – our Monday night raids seem to be back in full swing. We had a nasty moment when all the newcomers to the guild quit en masse to go create their own guild, and it looked might we might be short-handed. But we've fielded full raid teams for two weeks running, and are happily clearing the first five bosses of Ulduar without much hassle. With a bit of luck, next week we'll be pushing a bit deeper into the Titans' stronghold.

Oh, and I bagged my third piece of tier 9 last night (as the "What Leafy's been up to" box in the sidebar shows – like everyone else I'm taking advantage of the new Armoury RSS feeds), the first time I've had more than two pieces of Tier gear (two Tier 4, Two Tier 7, Two Tier 8…). I suspect that I'll be in four pieces by the end of the week.

And… Uh… Um… That's it really. Not been doin' much. Not had a lot to say.

Oh, got my World of Warcraft Magazine. Want to hear about that? 

  • We’ve all been there m8, sometimes RL needs to take front seat.