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I've just done a clean-up of my blogroll (far right, for those of you reading on the web; click through for those of you in Google Reader), and it was quite a sad experience. Many of the blogs that I read and interacted with most in my early days of WoW blogging have gone, some of them wiped from the internet completely. Indeed, I'm beginning to feel like an old-timer around here, and that's sobering when you realise that I've only been going two years and change…

However, the good new is that I got to add some new folks:

  • Unbelievably, Restokin wasn't on the blogroll, so Lissanna joins as a Hawt Hybrid
  • Equally unlikely was the fact that The Daily Druid wasn't on the list
  • Brand, spanking new is Rustled Leaves, a rustlin' Respected Resto
  • Joining Kirstimah is Rejuvo, Brian's resto blog
  • And Life in Azeroth has joined the UnDruids category

However, some of those categories are looking pretty anemic right now. The attrition rate on Feral blogs has been particularly horrible. Are you a druid blogger not on the list? Do you know any? Let me know in the comments!

  • TreeChicken here, though the blog isn’t heavily focused on anything particular except some random raiding stuff, bit of heal and my alternate universe in Team TinCan (5-man content with nothing but plate)

  • And which category should I list you under? You have a druid, I see, but can’t figure out the spec…

  • Oh, hang on, the clue’s in the name, right? Treechicken = resto/balance hybrid?

  • I’m an undruiding druid. Play my 80 main resto druid everyday, but also an altoholic. Blog is mostly nonsense about what I found this day or that day interspersed with diatribes about something random. ^_^

  • Petal! How did I miss you? Doh.

    And I’m hardly in a position to stand in judgement on random diatribes and stuff I found that day, am I? 🙂

  • Hihi!

    I’m a resto druid, and I talk about nonsense, boring stuff like haste and how cute the latest Tier gear looks. Drop me a line sometime!

    Spex <3

  • /raises hand Resto Druid here! Pouncealot from Heals and dots is also a Druid blogger (

    I suppose we are more recently blogging about Druids. I try to follow all the good Dr00ds I find 🙂

  • (Looks at his hybrid bear/cat spec, his resto off-spec, and his chicken set in the bank) Um…I’m feral, right? 🙂 Ah you’ve got me under hybrid, cool. I end up posting feral stuff most of the time since we have so many awesome resto bloggers, and I sadly don’t get a lot of pewpew time. Some recommendations:
    Thinktank (the gold standard for ferals)
    Feral Aggression
    I’m not feral, I’m a Bear

  • Main spec is tree, that’s what I do 90%+ of my raiding as, with laserchicken as the offspec for those times we don’t need uber healing 🙂

  • You could add me 🙂 🙂

  • Or i could type it right… without putting an L in druid…

  • Thanks for the shout out for

    Always looking for new Druid blogs to report on, especially if they post the occasional class guide, gear list or dungeon strat.

  • These are not things I’m particularly known for, it has to be said… 🙂