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Added since yesterday:

Thanks to everyone who chipped in with suggestions. Any more for any more?

  • Tiniane

    Thanks for keeping your blogroll up to date – I can see loads of new ones for me to check out.

    If you’ve got space for another one, I’d be honoured if you’d add me. I don’t write about much that is Druid specfic, so I probably fit best as an Un Druid, although i am a tree with chicken offspec tendancies 😉

  • Leafy

    OMG! Tiniane, you fall squarely into the category of “should have been on there already” and “how did I miss you?”.

    So sorry about that…

  • Jaedia

    Have a resto druid friend who blogs a lot about achievements and experiences, always loved her writing :)

  • kaozz

    Aw, thanks for adding me! I enjoy reading your blog since I found it! I’ll have to let Pounce know I pointed you in her direction also.

  • Tiniane

    /huggles 😀

  • Pouncealot @ Heals and DoTs

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll, I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks through my RSS feed. You’re on my blogroll list too. I really enjoy your writing, and look forward to reading more about your restoration Druids adventures. I play a lot of toons but Priests and Druids are my favorites. :) I tend to write about them the most. :)

    Many thanks to Kaozz for the recommendation, I enjoy her blog too. :)

  • Windsoar

    Always love expanded blogrolls! (Unless I’m just getting back from a vacation–doh!)