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Ladies, gentlemen, trees and owl/bear things, I present for you a special Christmas treat. As part of the BlogAzeroth Kris Kringle celebrations, bloggers are contributing guest posts to other blogs on a "Secret Santa" basis – and I just received my Christmas gift from krizzlybear at Frost is the New BlackWARNING: those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now, as there's actual, useful game content in here…

This post arrived in Leafy's mailbox Christmas morning, at least EST-wise.  I completely forgot the time difference between Canada and the EU, so please forgive the lateness of this submission.

 Either way, it's not like Druids need presents for Christmas.  Christmas came pretty early for them in the form of 3.3.  I have a Druid alt named Leyola on US Winterhoof, and she is mainly feral spec.  But because of the wonderfulness that is the random lfg system, she is not limited by time because of her role.  By dual-speccing resto, she is able to find groups really easy.  And since I’m actually quite fond of healing in my tree, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get both a group and a lot of emblems.

As a healer, you are at usually the mercy of your group when it comes to the speed of your dungeon run. You cannot contribute to DPS; you have to follow your tank as he pulls.  And depending on your gear, you might have to drink once in a while as well.

 No more. This christmas, why not take initiative for your group, and DPS with them with a dreamstate spec?



The basic spec is 31/0/40.  The main idea is to queue as a healer and disguise as a Tree, but secretly, you're actually helping them DPS by spamming Wrath while Insect Swarm is up on the mob and a number of HoTs are active on your tank and dps.

Here's how it will work.  You start off as a tree.  You set your tank as the focus.  You use Regrowth and Rejuvenation macros that target your focus as follows.

Regrowth: /cast [@Focus] Regrowth
Rejuvenation: /cast [@Focus] Rejuvenation

This way, you can keep your target on the tank's target, and heal the tank while you are dps'ing away on the baddies.  If the tank is well-geared, then HoT's and DoT's are good enough buffers to keep him topped off while you outdamage the horridly geared hunter, or the 0/0/71 Subtlety Rogue.  If not, you still have a wide variety of other spells such as Lifebloom, Swiftmend, Nature’s Swiftness/Healing Touch, and Nourish.  The only spell missing from your normal arsenal with this spec is Wild Growth.

On the flip side, your balance tree is loaded with talents that not only boost the heal over time effects, but also increase your wrath DPS, thanks to Starlight Wrath and Improved Insect Swarm.  Don’t expect to pull off 8k DPS or any spectacular number like that, but the added damage can make a difference over the course of a fight, unless you already have an 8k guy in your group.  If you do, then there’s no problem either way, it’s win-win!

It's quite awesome.  I highly suggest giving it a try the next time you find yourself insanely bored to death during Heroic Violet Hold or Heroic Nexus.  You might run into problems if you end up randomly in a 3.2 or 3.3 heroic dungeon, since those require a bit more than two HoT's.  The lack of Wild Growth in this build definitely hurts, especially in fights like Garfrost that contain a lot of AoE damage.

Overall, it's quirky at best, but if you're daring and bored due to the novelty of random lfg wearing off, you should give it a shot.  Faster emblems are too enticing to pass up.


I wish Leafy and his readers a wonderful merry little Christmas from over here at the other side of the pond at Frost is the New Black.  May your holiday be full of frosty fun, and may the leaves on your tree (Christmas or druid) be white with the joy of the snowy season.  See you on the other side of the nether!

  • toque

    I tried it. It sounded great, cause heroics are so boring to heal now, so I kept my resto spec and switched my kitty spec (which I’m not using much atm) to this one instead.

    Testing at the lvl 80 target dummy showed a 200dps single target increase over wrath spam on my full resto spec, which was kinda disappointing. Hurricane aoe spam made no difference at all, although it did show me that I should be using hurricane whenever there are 2 or more targets.

    So yah it was a bit of dps difference, but not enough that I would actually like to keep the spec over occasional use of my kitty. It was a nice idea though.

  • Krizzly, Krizzly, Krizzlybear…

    Giving something useful as a Secret Santa gift is totally against the rules 😉

    Great post…