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I screwed up yesterday. This post was meant to go up before yesterday's post, but I scheduled that one and then saved this as a draft and then got distracted by…

Actually, you guys don't care about that. I just wanted to post a little about why I go quiet every December and why I've been quiet this one. Look, last December I only managed three posts in total! (And I was only 73…)

For instance, most of last week I was at the annual Le Web conference in Paris, and those of you with a general interest in the social media world might find my posts from there to be interesting reading. And work tends to be hectic in the run-up to Christmas, as does my social life. And thus, I play less WoW, and I blog about it less. C'est la vie.   

However, I do want to take you back, back to the future to the days before Patch 3.3.

When the world was Young, and Emblems of Conquest mattered…

Do you remember those long ago days? When there was an LFG tool? When there was a set daily quest? When we cared about Tier 8? Those were dark, dark days. We knew they would end, but we wanted to make the most of them. Each morning, we would login, and check, hopefully, for the daily Heroics that we'd yet to do. Late the week before the patch, I finally found Cyanigosa hanging in the magical viewer, and dragged my guildies into Violent Hold to grab that one (and two oh-so-precious Emblems of Triumph). And then I waited. And waiting. And then, finally, the weekend before the patch dropped I got this:

Yup, Anub'Arak had finally come up. It took us 7.3 minuted to clear the instance (this is an exaggeration, but not by much). And so, I was happily able to see the Proof of Demise achievement become a Feat of Strength with 3.3. Some of my guildies were not so lucky – but they've been consoling themselves with grinding out complete sets of Tier 9…

Oh, and in the "things I screwed up last year" stakes:

BrewupYeah, I logged in so infrequently this time last year, I never got around to drinking my Beer of the Month for December – The Lord of Frost's Private Label. And so, I had to mount rams (steady…) until I got enough tokens this year to rejoin the club. It was worth it. The one Brewfest Achievement I lacked is now mine. Hurrah!

So…what's this I hear about the dance of Seven Winter Veils or something?

So, most people are busy working their way through Icecrown Citadel. Us? Well, we're continuing in the noble tradtion of being two patches behind…

XT-002 Deconstructor went down for us for the first time last night:

Nerf!And so did Razorscale:

I'm glad I got that achievement… my client locked up during the fight and I had to force reboot my iMac. Luckily, the fight was still going on when I logged back in, and about a minute later, the boss went down. phew

And then we continued on to drop Kologarn.

Mind you, I'm beginning to suspect my guildies of chaining heroics. Several of them seem to be wearing full Tier 9 and "the Patient" title… Might make clearing Ulduar a bit easier. 🙂