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So, most people are busy working their way through Icecrown Citadel. Us? Well, we're continuing in the noble tradtion of being two patches behind…

XT-002 Deconstructor went down for us for the first time last night:

Nerf!And so did Razorscale:

I'm glad I got that achievement… my client locked up during the fight and I had to force reboot my iMac. Luckily, the fight was still going on when I logged back in, and about a minute later, the boss went down. phew

And then we continued on to drop Kologarn.

Mind you, I'm beginning to suspect my guildies of chaining heroics. Several of them seem to be wearing full Tier 9 and "the Patient" title… Might make clearing Ulduar a bit easier. 🙂

  • It’s really easy to run heroics now with the new tool. A lot of people already have the pug pet running around in Dalaran. It worries me a bit, lol.

    Grats on your progress!

  • Congrats! We’re also doing Ulduar right now when we do run guild raids 🙂

    Just a question where does the “Patient” title come from? I just saw it the first time today and could not find it on WoWhead.

  • That’s part of the Livestock addon, that I use to select random mounts and pets. The crash and forced reboot seemed to mess up the settings on the addon, as those icons normally live just under my minimap.

  • By doing lots and lots of PuGs using the new dungeon finder system. I believe you have to have grouped with 50 random players to get the title, and 100 players gets you the perky pug pet.

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