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After last year's almost complete failure to get involved in Winter's Veil, I was determined to get myself Merrymade before I went away for Christmas. And, this afternoon, in Alterac Valley, I did it.

  • Wvmerrymaker
  • Wvmetzen
  • Wvgourmet
  • Wvscrooge
  • Wvabomnible
  • Wvbros
  • Wvseason
  • Wvogrila

I really enjoyed the holiday. Lots to do  – and a good variety of things to do. A visit to Outland was a nice touch, as was an excuse to revisit parts of the Old World. It wasn't too dependant on the RNG for snowflakes and mistletoe and even the PvP achievement proved easier than expected. It took one Wintergrasp and two Alterac Valleys to get the achievement. And my hat required a guild run, as I kept losing the roll to random groups.

I'm off the holiday hook now until February, when I re-enter the RNG hall of Love Is In The Air, and have to visit the Elders of Northrend and the Dungeons to get those two metas. Still, four down, four to go… 

  • As much as I love the holidays, and Christmas, I’ve had a hard time getting into this one. I’m going to try to get myself involved, and merry, over the next week. We’ll see 🙂

  • I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Perhaps, because I had done a good chunk of it before (Winters Veil being the oldest world event) that made it seem like more of a drag up front than it actually proved.

    It’s worth it, if only to see a horde of Santa’s Little Helpers pouring over the Horde 🙂

  • Congrats!!