Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

I've finally got around to signing up for Azeroth United, which is a cross (social) media alliance of WoW creators, working together for peace, justice and traffic charity fundraising. I completely missed the most recent round of good works, but hope to be involved in future efforts. Anyway, head over and check them out

Back? Good.

I also owe you guys an apology. The ad network I use has recently started defaulting to Google ads when there is unsold inventory. This is Not a Good Thing, because it means that there were occasional gold seller ads appearing here, which I don't want happening. So, now I've signed up for Azeroth United, you'll find this appearing instead of the Google Ads:

Yup. A nice wee Azeroth United ad. So, sorry about the gold ads. You won't see them no more.