Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

My guildmate Dale has also plunged into the debate, with a lengthy and, I think, quite insightful post from the perspective of someone who is pretty hard-core in his game time by anyone's standards:

And… I am not bored with WoW yet. Ok, I go through phases lasting 2-3 days where I might just "not feel like playing", but not because I am bored, rather because I want to do a different kind of activity. (ie. non-computer)

So why am I not bored, while less "hard core" players like Lissanna are?

I think it's because for Lissanna, and many of the people who commented on her Blog, Raiding is the main reason they play WoW, and they have run out of fresh raid content.

I play far more broadly than that.

I think the nub of this issue is that WoW has become a lot less forgiving, over time, of those who choose to only concentrate on one aspect of the game. I went through a bad period of WoW ennui, similar to that being felt by the raiders now, because I'd run out of Northrend questing to do. That's my absolute favourite thing to do in the game: PvE questing, both solo and in groups. I enjoyed the Northrend questing experience. It was simply fantastic. And it was done. I had no more of it to do. No more questing, in fact, until the next expansion. I nearly quit then, because I realised I had precisely two choices: find something else to do, or quit the game until the next expansion. And that "something else" proved to be, well, everything. I craft, I raid, I do heroics, I do dailies, I grind reps, I pvp and I do Achievements. I mix them all up, so I don't get too bored of any one thing. If I get bored of all that, I still have alt levelling to do.

And perhaps that's the point I was really trying to make on Saturday. WoW is a game that, in the Wrath age, rewards a broad-brush approach to play. And which can be very unforgiving if you only have one or two aspects of the game that really appeal to you. Questers are faced with the knowledge that they have no major new content until the next expansion. Raiders can easily get bored or frustrated if a tier of raiding doesn't meet their expectations. Even PvPers get bored of fighting the same battles again and again. The trick for Blizzard, with the next expansion, will be to try and square this circle; to reward the generalist without boring the specialist to tears. Or maybe that can't be done, and both Blizz and each of element of the player base will have to make their choice. 

1 Something of an aside, but this is one reason I stopped listening to Twisted Nether for a while. There was a whole succession of guests who were only interested in the raiding game, and I just got a little bored. Once there were enough other episodes, covering other playstyles, I listened out of order and caught up. 

  • I don’t know. I’m a person with 3 level 80’s, who raids, PvPs (arenas and BGs), does quests, runs heroics, sets up their own raids besides the hardmodes…

    And I’m bored. I run ToC 3-5 times a week. I do Ony 2-3 times. VoA 2-6 times. OS 1-2 times. Ulduar 1-3 times. 10-50 arena matches. Many, many BGs. Tournament Dailies. Hodir Dailies. Heroic/Normal Dailies. Cooking Dailies. Fishing Dailies. Outlands quests.

    I’m just…bored. I’ve stopped doing so much because it’s all old news. There is nothing interesting or exciting for me to do. So while it is true that if you focus on one aspect you’ll get bored faster, even those of us who do multiple aspects can get bored out of our skulls.

  • Sorry. 🙁

  • This is where RP shines for me, and where I manage to maintain an interest in playing the game right now. I’ve all but stopped blogging about raiding – there are lots of people blogging about raiding, and to be honest, it doesn’t interest me right now. It’s boring. I run the same instance 4-6 times a week, totaling a lot of hours and a lot of repair bills.

    But then I have roleplay – I have the creative outlet. I raid because I like my raidmates. Roleplay is what keeps me in the game, and that’s what I blog about now. It’s my “cookie” – kinda like (for a given value of “casual” – that’s a debate much longer than a blog comment) for casual players the diversity of content in Wrath is a “cookie”. Right now it’s hard to find cookies for raiders, and that’s unfortunate, since that IS a notable population in WoW.

    However, I don’t think you failed at all Leafy – we all, as bloggers, filter what we read through our own beer-goggles (as it were). Sometimes we get upset, which isn’t always a bad thing. I don’t think you’ve missed the point at all though, since this game IS about where you find your cookies. You, currently, are enjoying the feast of cookies that Wrath can offer, while folks that are “progression” minded have, in a sense, already gotten tired of this particular set of foods. It’s all about the timing, and to read and see that you are having fun (and to know that I”m having fun, with the abundance of awesome roleplay) is refreshing 🙂

  • Darn, Anna, now I want cookies, and I’m stuck at work. 🙂 You need to remember to properly tag confectionary talk, like this:
    (Caution – cookie discussion ahead. May cause cravings.)

  • Oh yeah! (undistracted now)…Leafy, I 100% agree with this post.

  • well, of course, there’s a third factor which is “time”. If you have a lot of time to spend on the game, eventually you’ll hit the boredom threshold. But I don’t think any game can deal with that.

  • I was more concerned that Lissanna had taken something from my post that I had not intended to be there, rather than the fact that we disagreed.

    I tend to assume misapprehension is my fault for being unclear.

    But thanks! 🙂

  • Mmmmmm. Cookies…

  • I’m not sure Leafy. I never hit boredom in BC until its last dying months, and I was just as active then. Something’s gone wrong somewhere…if maybe just for me.

  • And I replied to the wrong comment, oops.

  • Just an idea: were you a BC baby or an original, old skool WoWer?

  • Oh ok then. I just saw you apologizing… and I quickly got irritated. But then again, I irritate easily. 🙂

  • Kind of…both? I played original WoW but only made about 55ish before the expansion came out.