Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

World of Warcraft maker Activision Blizzard is the latest target of a lawsuit by serial suer (or professional plaintiff) Erik Estavillo.

Filed this morning in the Civil Division of the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, the civil complaint charges Activision Blizzard with “deceitful” business practices, as it “continues to maintain a harmful virtual environment to many of its customers by forcing them to follow the game’s sneaky and deceitful practices.”

Among Estavillo’s claims is that WOW is designed for a gamer “to walk or run at a calculated slow pace, resulting in the player taking longer to get where he or she needs to go in the game.” This slow pace, says the plaintiff, leads to a longer time needed to finish game play or quests, in turn leading to more subscription revenue for Activision Blizzard.



When a colleague who knows of my secret life as a night elf, who, in turn, has a not-very-secret life as agitated healing broccoli, e-mailed me that link, I though it was an example of ridiculous keyword stuffing in an URL. Instead, I find its just a ridiculous examples of subpoena stuffing in a lawsuit…

  • Wow…. just, yeah. wow.

  • Isn’t the “slow pace” the entire point of an MMO? If we ran out of stuff to do, the game wouldn’t be any fun…

  • /disbelief

    Puts you in mind of the lady that sued McDonald’s for hot coffee, huh?

  • All I can say about these types of frivolous suits…