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A lone orc rogue, quietly trying to get some banking done.

A night eld druid on a mission.

This was a battle that could only end one way:

WIN. :-)  

  • Congrats! I’m just a couple rogues away from Pilgrim, meself. ^_^

  • Grats!

    My elusive rogue was the Troll rogue.

  • We had a troll rogue quite happily standing outside the Sunreavers Sanctum, offering to be shot. Very civil of him…

  • Grats! I’m just a Troll rogue away from it too, and if I can’t find one soon I’ll persuade my husband to roll one up on his account for me 🙂

  • Congratz! It was the nasty Troll Rogue that held me up 🙂