Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, been busy with the Brand New World Event™ since I got home. And here's my Pilgrim's Bounty progress so far: 

  • Sharin
  • Fight
  • Paunch
  • Cookin
  • Progress

All the easy ones, really. Well, apart from this one:

The secret? How do you get The Turkinator achievement? It's a threefold thing:

  1. Eastvale Logging Camp area (much quieter)
  2. 2am in the Morning
  3. A handy little idea for a macro nicked from Aurik.

Add these ingredients together and WIN. 
Tomorrow? Tomorrow I die in front of Horde cities a lot, and hunt for rogues… 

  • 2am plus Venomweb Vale plus Tracker Snacks = The Turkinator

  • How do you get your pictures with rounded edges and shadowed?

  • I use a handy little Mac app called Picturesque that does that.

  • I gather that works for the Alliance, too. One of the guild got her achievement over that way last night.

    Oh, and sorry to hear about your less than friendly welcome in Ironforge… 🙂

  • Did you actually die any? I found that achievement almost too easy. No one even tried to kill me.

  • I was brutalised by an orc hunter at Thunderbluff, and just hearted out before Belf pally got in range in Undercity. So, one death and one near miss…