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That said, we decided to have our first ever peek at Ulduar once we were done with malygos.  We went on to drop the first two bosses, one-shotting the Flame Leviathan and two-shotting Ignis:

And then we wondered across to VoA for a quick look. We've only dropped the first boss in there before.

And now, we've cleared it.

That was a frighteningly successful night's raiding. 

  • Grats on the achievement and great raiding night :]

  • Heya, congrats on all those delicious achievements! And goodluck in Ulduar! It’s a VERY large place that will keep you entertained for a loonggg time.

    Spex <3

  • sara

    Nothing better (in raiding terms at least) than a successful night like that! Grats to your whole crew.

    By the way, you might count yourself as being behind, but really… I blame the whole blogosphere for broadcasting everyone’s successes in these newer raids, but my guess is that most people aren’t that far ahead.

  • Hey, grats! Better late than never! Sounds like you’re having a grand old time, and that’s what’s important =)

  • You inspired my very next post with that reply. 🙂
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