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  • Ratshag

    Is big hairy Congo Rats! Fer boths the had and the not so young anymores!

  • Sephrenia

    Congratulations! It’s a great hat. Now go get the add-on “IronChef”. It’s fantastic. When you open your Cooking interface it automatically equips your hat, changes your title to “chef” if you have it and shows your helm if it is normally hidden. It puts it all back after as well once you close the window.

    If you do a fair bit of cooking you will notice a big difference in the cooking time – no more wandering off and making cups of tea while you’re cooking – only time for a quick slurp of wine. Isn’t that a shame 😉

  • Marylin

    Congrats! :)

  • sara

    Congratulations :o)

  • Lissanna

    Congrats & Happy Birthday!

  • Sof

    happy birthday, and enjoy the new found advantages of being able to cook faster 😉

  • Sof

    and thank you for the comment yesterday, by the way :)


  • Anea

    Grats and happy birthday!


  • Leafy

    This one?

    Installing it now.

    /slurp :)

  • Keila

    Gratz on the chef hat. Mine is coming soon!