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My fishing is maxed out. My Kirin Tor rep is maxed out. But yet, I still do the fishing dailies whenever I have the chance. Why?

The fun, pointless little drops from the quest reward bag like the Battered Jungle Hat, which is stylin' without being Stylin'. It popped up in my Bag of Fishing Treasures this morning. 

It's the time spent on these fun, but slightly pointless, artefacts that makes this game feel so darn confident. 

What a difference a week makes. Last week, we were celebrating our first clear of Naxx. This week? I headed to bed angry, frustrated and demoralised.

First up, we had a go at Onyxia. We breezed through phase 1, but spent two hours wiping, wiping and wiping again on phase 2. The raid as a whole felt we were making good progress, but I'm not sure I share their faith. It simply felt to me like we lacked the situation awareness, the co-ordination and the communication to make it work. After the two hours were up, our raid leader called it, and we headed off to Naxx to farm some badges and bag the last achievements some people needed for the Fall of Naxxramas

So, we picked military wing, which four or five of us lacked. And the first two bosses when down quick and easy. But the Four Horsemen proved to be our bane. It was knocking on for 11:15pm by the time we got to them, and I was assigned to heal tank the back two, alongside Andro (a mage). And I was made of fail. The first attempt, I missed the void zone completely, and died. The second time, I was faced with moving out of a void zone, and dying from the shadow bolts, or staying, healing and dying from the zone. So I died again.

For the third attempt, they swapped me out for a paladin, but Andro died on the change-over and then all sorts of things went wrong on the taunting up the front. Wipe and call for the night. 

Intellectually, I know that raiding is a swings and roundabouts game, and that, chances are, it'll be better last week. But right now, I'm feeling pretty low.

Throughout the last year, I've worried about my increasing casualisation. I don't play much – usually one evening a week, and the odd 40 minutes here or there. A little more when Dr Leafy's away. But, actually, I'm beginning to feel that I'm at about the right pace for Wrath. I'm just tidying up the last of my reps now, and will push on with the Argent Tournament dailies after that. There's still one five man I've never run (Halls of Stone) and half a dozen I haven't done on Heroic. There's four raids left for me to finish out, and a handfull of quests left across Northrend. In fact, it almost feels like WoW is targeted at people like me…

My current play rate is deeply sustainable, I'm having lots of fun, and looking forward to Cataclysm immensely. In fact, I'd say that there was an excellent chance of L:LfF making it to its fourth anniversary!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and leave comments, and hopefully I'll continue to amuse and entertain you in the years to come.