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  • I got the crab pet too! I didn’t know she dropped a crab either, but it was a nice suprise. Congrats!

  • sara

    Marcia hates my guts, she won’t give me her crab :o( I even coaxed all the crocolisks out of Barlo, but still no bubble-blowing baby strand crawler >.>

  • Grats!

    I didn’t know there was a crab pet to be had until the day before I actually got him myself… so that was a lucky coincidence. Very cute pet.

  • Congrats on Stinker! Just make sure you keep him away from black kitty cats the poor thing goes love crazy and gets his heart broken every time 🙁

  • Marcia seems to like me. I got my jeweled fishing pole the very first time I did a daily, and I seem to have everything she offers bar the fishing line and the bone pole now. Fingers crossed…

  • Thanks!

  • Isn’t it? I like the enlarged claw.

  • Like this?