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Blizz have just dropped a preview of some of the Tier 10 sets, and I think it's the best Druid set of the expansion, personally. Now, I don't have a hope of getting it (seeing as I'm rocking 1 piece of Tier 8 right now), but it does look awesome. 

Update: It appears that others don't feel the same. I'll take yours if you don't want it, Sylly!

  • Whooooa, I dig the shoulders!

  • What do you think of the Hunter set? (As they haven’t revealed the Warlock one 🙂 )

  • lol leafy! I don’t mind the rest of the set so much, but ahmagawd that helmet just kills me! =P

  • DO WANT!

  • I think that the druid helm looks like an evil wooden tentacle thing… I hope it looks better when on, perhaps it can sprout flowers or something to cover up the ugliness of the wood?

    As much as I think the druid helm is terrible, the rogues…. wow their set is all kinds of bad – they have a gas mask and what appears to be a noose or something around their necks… ewwwww.

  • Fuuna

    I dont wanna wear a dress anymore!!! Yea sure I’ll take Tier gear but they could’ve tried a little harder.