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Bleedin' Dwarves. Do they really need to yell out that I've just finished a quest about 60 levels too low for me? I mean really. If working on Loremaster wasn't enough of a test of perseverance as it is, having uppity stumpies telling the world of your low-level victory seems, well, just sarcastic, frankly.  

And how come so few of the boars in Loch Modan have intestines, huh? How do they digest? Answer me that.

Dwarf lands are strange.


Here's a pro tip for you: 

I never managed to get the Saviour of Hallow's End achievement, until yesterday. Why? Because I left it too late in the holiday. On a low pop server like EU Steamwheedle Cartel, if you don't do the achievements that need others early in the event, you're not going to get it done.

So get out there, and douse some fires… 

As ever, Leafshine: Lust for Flower strives to bring you the most vital, the most compelling, the most raid-critical news. In that spirit, here's the latest, greatest thing in the game: Mr Chilly! He's the wee penguin you get as a free pet when you merge your World of Warcraft account with

So, yeah, he's Pengu without the sinister eyes, basically…