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Rainbow And… I'm back from an enforced week off from WoW – just through work, travelling, and socialising. Tough life, huh?

Plans for this week? Badge farming from heroics this evening, Exalted with the Argent Crusade by the week's end, and a set of leather frost resist gear1 ready before we take our crack at the last two bosses in Naxx next week.

Should be fun.

Oh, and this morning I noticed this rainbow for the first time. It's probably been there since the start of Wrath – but I only just spotted it. Always new details to see in this game.

1 I could just craft my own cloth gear, but I iz a durid and duridz waerz leather, you know? 🙂

  • sara

    Just a suggestion for the frost resist gear: as a healer, you don’t need much FR, and you’ll get most bang for your buck with the ring ( and the belt ( with a belt buckle. That set gives me enough FR for Hodir, so it should do you very well against Sapphiron and KT. :o) Enjoy the fights, they rock! (well, except wiping on KT and having to redo the whole abom part of the fight… -_-).

  • Qi

    In Naxxramas you really don’t need frost resistance gear. The only person needing fr gear is the tank on Hodir, and thats in Ulduar 😉