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OK. I know that many of you reading this had Naxx cleared about 3.4 minutes after Wrath was launched but, for us, a small, friendly, casual guild, this is kinda a Big Deal. We only just finished clearing Kara with any frequency just before Wrath, so this means we're well ahead of where we were a year ago.

Oh, and our first Kel'Thuzad kill was done with 9 people. 🙂

Onwards to Eye of Eternity and Ulduaar!

I had a slight Brewfest "oops" last night. While I was busy shuttling barrels, my number of Brewfest tokens ticked past the 200 mark, and I got a message saying there was no room in my inventory. Whoops.

When I checked into Ironforge a few minutes later, I found this waiting for me in my mailbox:


Anyone know how long this has been in the game? It's the first time I've come across it, and I know it didn't use to be there…

Nice touch, though. 🙂

Rainbow And… I'm back from an enforced week off from WoW – just through work, travelling, and socialising. Tough life, huh?

Plans for this week? Badge farming from heroics this evening, Exalted with the Argent Crusade by the week's end, and a set of leather frost resist gear1 ready before we take our crack at the last two bosses in Naxx next week.

Should be fun.

Oh, and this morning I noticed this rainbow for the first time. It's probably been there since the start of Wrath – but I only just spotted it. Always new details to see in this game.

1 I could just craft my own cloth gear, but I iz a durid and duridz waerz leather, you know? 🙂