Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…



  • One fish feast
  • One druid
  • One measure of Baby Spice


  1. Enter Naxxaramas 
  2. Wait for a moment of downtime when everyone's a bit bored
  3. Serve Fish Feast
  4. Encourage druid to tank Fish Feast with his butt
  5. Apply Baby Spice


(Please note: results may vary after the application of Patch 3.2)

And now, back to Patch Day:


Nearly 27 minutes. Not too bad. And now we get to play the best WoW minigame of all: the "what time will the servers be up" sweepstake. Boooyah!

  • Boo. My Macbook took 38 minutes. The PC took hours to download though so I left it running overnight and it was all done this morning.