Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

I hear a lot of anecdotal evidence that jousting is one of the least popular mechanisms that Blizz has added to WoW. But, as Larisa points out, the relevant dailies are amongst the most-often done in the game.

In the hunt for some facts, I decided it was time for a poll:

I'd be grateful if you took a few seconds to cast your vote.

  • I hate jousting. I spent 80 levels learning to be a good hunter, to kite, to trap, to use my pet to best advantage. All of that is useless in AT. And yet, they are lucrative, have mount and pet rewards and give great rep. So I do them most days. I just resent them while I do.

  • I hate it!! I can do it, I just hate that stupid mechanic. And I think it sucks that you HAVE to do jousting dailies to get the rep to access the new dailies on top of it. Grrrr!!!

  • I’m torn between that argument, and the idea that it’s nice to do something different in the game. After all, the bombing runs of tBC were largely unaffected by the skills you’d learnt elsewhere, but they didn’t get the same opprobium.

    What makes the jousts so disliked?

  • Jess, you’re beating around the bush again. I just can’t figure out how you feel. 😉

  • Horrible, horrible, horrible.

    I play a healer to heal, not to charge about poking things. I said the same about the vehicles in Ulduar and basically I feel the same about them, but I’ve learned to enjoy them a bit cos I can sit back and fire missiles. Jousting is so up front and personal. Urgh.

  • Kakura

    I didn’t love jousting, but at the same time, it was a fun diversion. I’ve found that people who really disliked it are typically doing too much of the one-on-one jousting (the mark dailies, or soloing ones before the citadel). Just get your chillmaw group to head south with you and do the jousting as a group. Takes like 3 minutes.

    Hell, even the jousting in ToC is fun (the intro is just too long).

  • I hate it. Despise it. Refuse to do it.

    I don’t care what rep you give me, the damn quests could drop badges of ultimate epicness and I would still ignore them.

    I have 5 toons in Northrend over three servers, only one toon has ever even been there.

    I did the training dailies for 3 days, beat the first test to open up the other dailies, and then propmtly hated them.

    I gave it a shot, but I think they are made of fail.

    I even refuse to do the new instance because it forces me to joust.

  • Quietkjun

    I would rather be beaten to death with a loufa than to ever joust again!

  • When you’re trying to learn and getting your butt handed to you, it sucks. Once you learn HOW to joust, it’s fun. So I hated it at first, then became a jousting, butt kicking fiend, and now I love it.

    For everyone hating it because they can’t do it, read about the technique online, then go do it. Once you’ve got it down, I bet you’ll like it.

  • I honest to goodness don’t mind jousting – even rather like it! I feel that it is one of the few vehicle mechanics which didn’t annoy me. My only gripe with it is having to switch the lance in and out!


  • Kulat/Kriyet

    With any amount of lag – they are almost impossible. I thought I just sucked until one day without lag (miracle!) I just breezed through them. So now the only way I do the jousting dailies done is first thing in the morning when the server is almost empty.

    Otherwise, the NPCs somehow manage to charge me while standing right beside me, my spells are always “not ready yet,” my Sheildbreaker doesn’t go off at all, and I’m down in about a minute.

    Like Lady Jess, I hate them, hate them, hate them.

    Having reached Champion with 2 factions, I no longer do the jousts at all. It simply takes me longer to grind the seals with the other quests.

  • considering the results of your poll, isn’t it fascinating that no matter how much we hate jousting, we still do it!

    The reward system really has a strong hold on us, hasn’t it? There are a ton of other things in the game you can do, and yet we jost. It’s strange. Very strange.

  • Did you enjoy the vehicle-based quests as you were levelling through Northrend?

  • Yeah, grouping up makes a huge difference in the battle versions of jousting

  • What, in particular, did you hate about them so much?

  • And we continue to grind through dailies. A psychologist could have a field day with this, couldn’t they?

  • We still do it because there are titles associated with it and a faction associated with it. Much like the SSO island. Most of us HATED the island but we did it anyways because there were rewards associated with it. At the end of the day, we are in fact pavlov’s dogs.

  • Yeah – you’d think they could set it up so you auto-equip when you mount on one of the jousting mounts…

  • I rather liked the Isle of Quel’Danas, but I think that there was a much stronger narrative behind that than there was for the Tournament. Doing the Shattered Sun dailies seemed to have more purpose behind it somehow.

  • Plodders

    You can do the same for the ones at the area, your friends can dps your target while you joust, takes seconds 😉

  • Plodders

    Yeah, I agree I carried on doing these dailys well after exalted, but not with the same amount of gusto as before.