Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

I've been a wee bit busy with family this weekend, so haven't had much chance to post about the Cataclysm news, but Andro's summed up much of what I think pretty well.

That said, I think the single most disappointing piece of news to come out of Blizzcon is the lack of new character slots with the expansion. Let's think about this. What has Blizz done since the release of the original game up until the release of Cataclysm to encourage us to develop multiple characters?

  • Four new races
  • One new class
  • Multiple new race/class combinations
  • Heirloom items
  • Exp per level reductions
  • Mount changes
  • New levelling experience for Azeroth and Outlands

So much of what Blizz has done through these three expansions has pushed people towards multiple toons. We're a pretty casual guild, and I know several of my guildies are already out of character slots. Not adding any extra in Cataclysm seems like a pretty short-sighted move to me.

Time for a campaign…

  • Have they actually said this? Or have they simply not said that they will and that’s assumed to be ‘no’ at this point?

  • Absolutely signed! My lowest character on my main server is 19 … a twink I took so much time to equip. Everything else is in their late 30s. I am thinking about transferring characters to a different server to park them -.- I want to play a Worg, I want to have a horde character … please give me more slots!

  • ps: late 30s or higher of course 😉

  • The other thing I’d really like (other than more than 10 per server) is the ability to re-arrange the characters I already have. So, for example, my main can be on top, and not the third character listed under two of my level 40-odds! Having recently server-transfered my main, it’s not an issue anymore for me because she’s up on top, but I still think it would be a good idea!

  • FuriousUser

    I have 10 toons on one realm.
    1 is Horde, 9 are Alliance
    8 are 80’s, 1 is 71 and one is 74 all 80’s have a 4000+ gear score, 6 are over 5000, and 3 regularly raid in ICC 10/25, 2 just in ICC 10.
    I play about 6 hours a day, and I enjoy leveling.
    It is rather annoying that Blizzard will not allow me to use up the slots I have (50) anywhere I want, so if they do not allow us to create more characters on our home realm I propose this.
    Create 50 characters, 10 on each of 5 realms.
    From something I heard long ago (not sure if it’s true) Blizzard pays Oracle a fee for each Toon that is created, so let’s hit Blizzard in the pocket book. Won’t give me more usable slots, well I’m going to use up as many un-usable slots as I can.

    I am not just unhappy about this, I am furious.

  • Tony

    I have 10 80s all Alliance they are all in top pvp gear. I am not going to delete or move one for this. If they give us a new char they should give us the slot.