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Haven't done one of these for a little while:


Is it just our server, or are 70% of human males everywhere now wearing this hairstyle?


They introduce a whole range of new kitty colour schemes – and you keep running into one that looks like you. It's all white on the night…


And, courtesy of the Bronze dragonflight, this is what Leafy would look like as a human.


So, the Cataclysm announcement has been and gone, and the blog-frenzy around it is beginning to quieten down. I think it's safe to post again… 🙂

Like everyone else, I've got pretty excited by some aspects of the next expansion, including guild levelling, Paths of the Titans and the opportunity to level a Worgen feral druid. But all that's months away – probably less than a year, but more than six months, I'd guess. So, what does the announcement mean for my play now? Does it change anything? 

For me, one of the main results is that it makes me want to see the Old World now, while I still can. There are great chunks of the Eastern Kingdoms that I never quested in Alliance-side on the way to 60, and my highest Horde character was but 24…

So, in between powering through Heroics on Leafy, as well as the inevitable grinding through Faily Quests, some of my low-level alts are stirring back into life. It's time to experience the original Horde levelling play, before the Cataclysm sweeps it away. And it's time to grab Leafy's Loremaster achievement before that opportunity goes (over 300 quests to go).

If nothing else, seeing these zones again, and sometimes in much more detail, will allow me to appreciate the changes of Cataclysm that much more. 

And so, Feanthal, my baby belf, was back at Windrunner Spire, farming the mobs until that quest item dropped. And that allowed me to do this:

Oh, I know it's been done a hundred times before, but I wanted my own version, and to see it performed with Sylvanus's new model…

I've been a wee bit busy with family this weekend, so haven't had much chance to post about the Cataclysm news, but Andro's summed up much of what I think pretty well.

That said, I think the single most disappointing piece of news to come out of Blizzcon is the lack of new character slots with the expansion. Let's think about this. What has Blizz done since the release of the original game up until the release of Cataclysm to encourage us to develop multiple characters?

  • Four new races
  • One new class
  • Multiple new race/class combinations
  • Heirloom items
  • Exp per level reductions
  • Mount changes
  • New levelling experience for Azeroth and Outlands

So much of what Blizz has done through these three expansions has pushed people towards multiple toons. We're a pretty casual guild, and I know several of my guildies are already out of character slots. Not adding any extra in Cataclysm seems like a pretty short-sighted move to me.

Time for a campaign…

As re-posted by just about everybody:

The thing I love about this little MMoRPG subculture of ours is that it can support creativity and art like this, because new media has brought down the cost of producing and distributing professional-level art, and also created a ready-made system for letting people know about its existence – by reposting it on their blogs. 😉 Oh, and there's enough of us out there to make it financiall viable.

The actual song and video are really nice pieces of work – both an accurate spoof of modern mainstream pop and absolutely spot-on gags in the lyrics that hit the spot for gamers. It's almost like a highly-niche version of a Wierd Al track.

And I'll never, ever look at the phrase "tank and spank" the same way again.  

Anyway, you can snag the video from iTunes and the track from Amazon: (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar (feat. Felicia Day).