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Leafy spoof

I was sent this screengrab a couple of weeks ago by Dale, who managed to come up with this while using the in-built YouTube video browser to look at other videos after watching the one I embedded here.

I uploaded the picture, intending to blog about it, but didn't get around to it. And, while it sat unseen on Typepad's servers, it very nearly came true for me. For one reason or another, I just didn't have time to play WoW at all for a couple of weeks. And I found that I'd stopped thinking about it, and wasn't missing it. Three weeks in, I was seriously contemplating quitting for good.

By last weekend, I genuinely thought that the next post on this blog would be the "goodbye, WoW" post that has been so common on blogs of late.

And then, I signed up for one last Naxx raid last Monday evening and, to my complete surprise, I had a complete and utter blast. Despite the fact that we spent much of the evening learning Heigan and his dance dance revolution, which meant lots and lots and lots of death, everyone stayed very good-natured. We got better with each iteration, and people were still laughing and joking as we did so. And, in the end, we had a massively successful night (for us).


I'm back in the game, and back on the blog. Didya miss me? 🙂

  • Of course we missed you!

    I used to hate Heigan. Just last night I decided he wasn’t my most-hated Nax Boss anymore, as we managed to do the Safety Dance for the second time! Actually he is quite fun even when dying but even more when it finally works. Now I am looking for a new boss to hate 😉

    For the quitting part: I just know what you are talking about. Happens to me more often than not. First I don’t have time, then I don’t miss it. Then I think “Oh could just as well finally quit”. Next I have a bored evening and just log on for whatever and have such a good time I decide I can’t quit 😉

  • It does seem to have that “umbilical cord” effect sometimes, doesn’t it?

    And I must admit that the previews of patch 3.2 have actually got me looking forward to things again…

  • Welcome back! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    It’s a pity WotLK didn’t come with a dance pad for Heigan – Now that would be fun!

  • I’ve been checking daily for that much desired return of the majestic Leafy.


  • I was only thinking yesterday…

    “Haven’t seen much from Leafy lately”

    So yes… missed you are!

  • Sadly, the majestic Leafy was unavailable, so you’ll have to make do with me. 😉

  • Of COURSE we missed you! And I’m tickled that under the last rock you turned (accidentally by tripping over it), you found much of the joy you had been missing. =) /cheer

  • Kel

    I found your blog only recently, and browsed through your archive. I’m glad you’re back:)

  • Yes! I did miss you 🙂

  • I missed you! I check at least twice a week for posts from you. Currently, not really interested in playing my alliance characters, as I have so much invested Horde side. Maybe when the Paid Faction change is up, I’ll transfer one of my well invested hordies to Alliance side and play more with Ravens again =)


  • I’m glad you are back, so long as you are still having fun! WoW has its ups and its downs, I’m glad you are looking forward to a hopeful up of the next patch.