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Note to self: don't announce your return to WoW just before you go on holiday. It only makes you look stupid.

So, I'm back from holiday to find out that Typepad, my blogging platform, have had the decorators in while I was away and everything looks different. But better. So I'm just playing around with the platform again. 

And stuff.

Anyway, I have a long post in the works about the way I would have liked Wrath to have played out, but you'll have to wait for that.

So, um. 


Leafy spoof

I was sent this screengrab a couple of weeks ago by Dale, who managed to come up with this while using the in-built YouTube video browser to look at other videos after watching the one I embedded here.

I uploaded the picture, intending to blog about it, but didn't get around to it. And, while it sat unseen on Typepad's servers, it very nearly came true for me. For one reason or another, I just didn't have time to play WoW at all for a couple of weeks. And I found that I'd stopped thinking about it, and wasn't missing it. Three weeks in, I was seriously contemplating quitting for good.

By last weekend, I genuinely thought that the next post on this blog would be the "goodbye, WoW" post that has been so common on blogs of late.

And then, I signed up for one last Naxx raid last Monday evening and, to my complete surprise, I had a complete and utter blast. Despite the fact that we spent much of the evening learning Heigan and his dance dance revolution, which meant lots and lots and lots of death, everyone stayed very good-natured. We got better with each iteration, and people were still laughing and joking as we did so. And, in the end, we had a massively successful night (for us).


I'm back in the game, and back on the blog. Didya miss me? 🙂