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A kid freaking out because his Mum cancelled his WoW account:

I hope I would act better if my other half ever pulled the plug on me. 🙂
  • Korenwolf

    Heh, there are parents who have never imposed hard limits on the kid before in his life. We are the family which quests together but that doesn’t stop me from yanking his network cable and/or shoving on the parental controls 🙂

  • Holy…Wow…dayum! And I thought MY daughters were drama queens! And Umm…what on EARTH was he trying to do with that remote control?…lol

  • Whoa. That kid needed to stop playing MONTHS ago…

  • I feel bad for the blanket, being thrown around so violently. The fact that there aren’t any actual tears makes me think that it’s faked. Still funny though XD

  • He couldn’t have been that upset, he did not permanent damage to himself and only hit himself with a shoe. Although the remote control sodomy attempt was a nice touch.

    But yeah, it’s kids like this (faked or no, I suspect faked) that make me glad I was raised with this little thing called “discipline.” There’s a lot to be said for giving your children regular beatings, it prevents behaviour like this.

  • Considering the constant crying in the WoW forums I think “Just a Game” is lost on a lot of people.

  • Mae

    I am never, ever, ever going to say I’m addicted again. That kid needs professional help.

  • holy moly! I thought I was watching Jacob’s Ladder for a minute there. I hope his brother holds onto this to show to this kid’s future fiancee just to give the poor girl proper warning!

  • Would be even funnier if it wasn’t so obviously staged :).

  • Why did he have to take his pants off when he put the blanket on his head…
    I also think it was probably staged, but still its likely that there are things like this happening all over the place but not getting video taped with kids raging over parents controlling their playing of the game.
    So crazy.

  • MMA

    Holy Crap! That was intense I really liked the part when he started hitting himself with the remote and then his shoe!