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Like 67.56983214%1 of the WoW blogosphere, I've been going through a period of WoW ennui right now – and I know exactly why. I've moved past the questing stage with Leafy and am now occupied solely with a combination of dailies, instancing, raiding and clearing out my remaining group quests. And, as happened in Burning Crusade, that leads to a touch of, well, boredom. I'm a narratively-driven gamer, and once you reach the end of the questing road, your narrative incentive goes.

So, I find myself just a few Champion's Wotsits away from a nice Epic weapon, but unable to summon up the enthusiasm to log in and do a few rounds of jousting to bag the reward.

And so I don't play.

And so I don't blog.

But then, the social pressure of the need for Leafy Haelz gets me raiding in lovely ol'Naxxramas last night, and we have a satisfying night, with Noth falling before us on our first ever guild attempt on him. Hurrah, us. Hurrah also my uber, Decursive-assisted, curse removing skillz. And Hurrah for guildies who are bringing their new alts into the instance. And as I look at the alts, electrons leap the vast gap between neurons in my brain, new connections are formed and an idea takes shape.

I need to get back to my alts. Nice as the idea of "completing" Northrend on Leafy appeals, it's never going to happen unless I rekindle my enthusiasm. And the best way to do that will be to get my alts, sadly neglected since the launch of WotLK, back in action.

I have A Plan. Will report back.

1The legions of researchers I have working on this blog are very precise in their investigations.

  • Sof

    is a great idea.
    I got a tad bored with my main a few weeks ago and moved on to a pally except for when i was raiding.
    Got her up to level 40 ish and really enjoyed the levelling, but at the same time realised I missed my main – making me want to go back to playing her again!