Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

A guildie, and good buddy, is a bit of a server hopper. When our server, which is a quiet, RP backwater, can't provide the action he craves, he hops server for a while, and then comes back.

His latest blog post contains something I find utterly inexplicable: a server where you need the Epic achievement before you can join Naxx 10-man pick up groups. WTF? You need to prove that the run is useless to you before you can join it?

Can anyone from a non-backwater server explain?

  • My guess would be that they are farming gear or badges, and want to do it quickly and cleanly… and therefore want people who have already done all the bosses before so there’s no need to explain and less chance of people wondering why the green acid stuff hurts so much. ^_^

  • That was my initial thought, but if they’re already in Naxx 25 or Uld-level Epics (which the achievement means they have) what use are badges or gear to them?

  • Oh… well then they’re just crazy. Can’t fight crazy, most times.

  • Kayeri

    Occasionally, you will see something stupid like that on our server, too, but the person is also openly laughed at and mocked for such unreasonable expectations in a raid that’s basically useless to the people he wants to bring.

  • You’re not wrong. That’s why I hide on my backwater server. 🙂

  • I think you’ve hit on something there. I can’t get over quite how much different servers have different cultures, and it just appears that Sylvanus EU has developed a particularly weird PUG raiding one.

  • Rusco

    Reminds me of the level 69 who requires minimum level 70 to join a raid on faction leaders.

  • Oh, so the PUG arrangers could be less geared than those they’re looking for? Ah, now it’s starting to make sense. They’re essentially looking for a version of a boost to help them gear up.

  • I’ve noticed on the Alliance side of Cael, they require you to link achievements before going to pugs. This doesn’t happen as much (or at all?) on Horde side.

    Not just the Superior and Epic achievements to show your gear.. but you need the Maly achievement… to do Maly. You need to prove you’ve done it before. How do new people get a chance to get into pugs? :/

    I’m wondering if they will take my word for it that I DO have experience on Keeva, when I start raiding on Kiiva 😛

  • Unfortunately if you miss PuGging the first week out, the next week people are already unreasonably demanding you have the achievement just so they don’t have to explain the fight and know you’re competent enough to get through it.

    Funnily enough, once I tried to join a 10man Emalon PuG by linking my 25man achievement – and got asked to link the 10man achievement instead, even though 10man is easier!

  • “How do new people get a chance to get into pugs? :/”

    They don’t seems to be answer on a lot of servers. Pretty much every day on our realm forums there are people asking the same question. As for alts unless you have a guild willing to run your alts through stuff at least once its really hard to get accepted into random PuGs and obviously if your guild will do that for you, you don’t need the PuG in the first place. What tends to amuse me however, is quite often the person demanding all of this from others, doesn’t have the achievements themselves…

    Its really another reason why achievements need to be account wide. Obviously that won’t help new people but it won’t penalise those swapping characters which is a start.

    I think all the big servers certainly in the EU probably have similar attitudes. When you have lots of people to pick from its easier to set really high standards even if you don’t live up to them yourself. Thats partly why I love my guild. Whilst in some ways they really are a bunch of elitest jerks when we do our weekend alt/PuG raids we don’t ask for achievements. Ideally when you do stuff like Naxx 10/Naxx 25 you want most of the loot to be used by someone otherwise its rather a pointless exercise so I just don’t understand the mentality of people who reject anyone who needs that level of content.

  • Interesting answers here. Erinys, you’re exactly right when you say:

    “They don’t seems to be answer on a lot of servers.”

    No-one yet on Sylvanus has been able to answer that question in any reasonable sort of way. I can understand farm groups wanting “Fall of Naxxramus” as proof of experience, and even the [Superior]achievement as proof of adequate gear, or as I did when I ended up starting my own group – minimum def cap and 26k unbuffed health for tanks, 1800 dps for DD’s, and 1600 SP for healers (yes these are on the low side, but thats exactly what we completed Naxx with the other day) – name your requirements, but at least make them appropriate to the content.

    On Steamwheedle Cartel (where I normally play with Leafy when not “server hopping” ;-D , the usual PuG requests for any raid instance are something like “Come to Dalaran North bank for inspect”. That way you get a decent idea about who you’re getting. (I’d personally much rather take someone in heroic/crafted epics and blues with the correct gemming/enchanting than someone in full PvP epics, for example).

    Rusco is right too – often the people starting the PuG’s fail to meet their own requirements, and are basically wanting a boost.

    Phyllixia, I found out that some people on Sylvanus are even stupider than requiring 10 man Achieve when you have the 25 man one – I just linked the 10 man achieve (and did the same thing in 25 man vesion) from the achieve dialogue (even though I hadn’t completed it!) and got invited. They didn’t even bother click the link to check I had completed it.

    The ironic thing was that i was 2nd highest on DPS with my crafted/heroic epics and blues, above people who were decked out in full epic gear.

    I guess it’s like the fortune cookie wisdom that’s often spouted on trade chat “Random stupidity is Random.” I now have my own one –

    [Epic] stupidity is [Epic].

  • I haven’t seen this one exactly, but I’ve seen some just as stupid. Requiring a link to the HEROIC Naxx KT kill to get into a Naxx10 pug. I’ve even seen one requiring that you have at least two pieces of T8 to get in. Wut?

  • Idiots or people themselves looking for boosts (did you look at the gear level / achievements for the raid leader)?

  • Two people joined my guild fairly recently and were amazed when we asked if they were interested in a Naxx run, because their old guild leader had a rule that everyone had to be fully purpled before they could raid. (Although not fully purpled, these two were geared entirely in iLvl 187 and above). We cleared the instance with them on their first ever raid. One of them is now our main tank.

  • It heartens me to know that this ridiculous achievement linking is not happening on all WoW servers. On the Oceanic server I play on, you seriously cannot get into a PUG these days sporting so much as a blue trinket.

    My sister has actually written a couple of blogs about this very problem, because what happens next is that people roll on ilevel 213 gear that they don’t actually need simply to get the achievement. It’s truly annoying!