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Anyway, quick bit of baking:

Oh, OK. Not baked one of them before. Still, time to taunt an orphan:

Huzzah! Then I was invited to join a group of guildies off to Utgarde Pinnacle to see a King about an achievement. And this happened:
Really must figure out what to spend them on at some point…

Anyway, we rounded out the evening with:
(That's Andro on the right there, not DPSing. :))

I'm not one for the Achievement grind. I'm certainly not going for the Long, Strange Trip one. But nights when they flow through things you're doing anyway – those I like.

In lieu of having anything more interesting to post (I've been away), here's a couple of screenies that are littering my desktop:


Is it me, or do night elf females look particularly cool on the magic carpets?
Naaru in Northrend: the Naaru were one of my favourite parts of the Burning Crusade, as they hinted at a larger story in the Warcraft universe that were are aware of yet. Nice to see them popping up in Icecrown. Let's hope we see more of them in future explansions. Where has Turalyon got to anyway?