Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

  • In EU beta, wondering what the heck that red man over on the right hand side of my screen meant. Given that the guy was in armour, and I'd just seen my first centaurs on the edge of Mulgore, I jumped to the conclusion that Mulgore was being invaded! AMG!
  • Hanging onto grey items, until I found out what they could be used for.
  • Lagging into the Ironforge lava, back when EVERYBODY hung out in Ironforge. 
  • Being petrified of going into the Southshore area, in case I got ganked…on an RP server.
  • Not being able to figure out how to get to my corpse when I died underwater.
  • Not figuring out that you could buy gear, or get your guildies to craft it for you, until I was well into my 30s.
  • Not knowing to do the Menthil Harbor to Ironforge run naked, to avoid the inevitable repair bills. 
  • Wait, food gives you buffs? Ooooooooh…
  • Having no idea that you could train to use other weapons.
  • Taking nearly a year to hit level 60.

And just for something a bit different, here are the things that scarred me from my early WoW days:

  • Endless corpse runs into caves in the starting areas, because you would always end up getting aggro as soon as you ressed, and before you could buff or heal
  • Those bloody furbolgs near Dolonaar. I still drop by to wipe them out for old times' sake whenever a world event takes me their way.
  • How darn big Ashenvale was in those no-mount, one flight-point days.
  • But not as big as Desolace.
  • Being perpetually poor as an Enchanter, because all my greens were being disenchanted rather than sold.
  • Oh, and my first run from Menethil Harbour to Ironforge, in my low teens. Just when I thought I was safe, because I was beyond the crocalisks, I got ganked by the orcs between the tunnels. I hated that run.

Sometimes I forget just how much the game has changed since 2005.

  • woot woot! Well worth the wait, Leafy! I was laughing and nodding through the whole thing. Thanks for arriving so late to the party… now help me clean this place up… it’s a mess! =P

  • It’s nice to reminisce about the game sometimes isn’t it? I forgot to add in one of my worst/best newb mistakes – selling greens instead of using the AH, I didn’t have a clue about how to use it for anything other than buying until I had been 60 for a good couple of months! lol 🙂

  • OMG I’m allll about corpse runs. With my new mage at level 45 it becomes a necessary evil. Sometimes I’ll use an invisibility pot to bypass some mobs only to come out of stealth with 3 mobs on me. UGH hehehe

    You would think on the 3rd toon I’d be a little smarter. I’m still such a noob hehehe.

    I’m living all your scarey memories Leafy…be vewy vewy afraid

  • Very nice list and I found myself nodding at a lot of the points as they were very familar!

    Unfortunately I lost all my screenshots from my pre level 60 days.

    I’ve just started playing a Night Elf Priest – Ashenvale seems very big once again!