Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Anyway, quick bit of baking:

Oh, OK. Not baked one of them before. Still, time to taunt an orphan:

Huzzah! Then I was invited to join a group of guildies off to Utgarde Pinnacle to see a King about an achievement. And this happened:
Really must figure out what to spend them on at some point…

Anyway, we rounded out the evening with:
(That's Andro on the right there, not DPSing. :))

I'm not one for the Achievement grind. I'm certainly not going for the Long, Strange Trip one. But nights when they flow through things you're doing anyway – those I like.
  • Grats on the achievements! Accidental ones are always nice to get 🙂

  • Grats on all the achievements. My smile just got bigger and bigger looking at all the things you accomplished, intentionally and otherwise! I agree, achievements unlooked for are often the most fun of all!

    If you find the time, I’m tagging you to post about your memories as a newbie druid. Would love to hear about some early Leafy adventures!