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I got a notice this morning that my copy of Arthas: Rise of the Lich King
has shipped – which is unfortunate, given that I'm not going to be at the location it'll be delivered to until next week. But I am looking forward to reading it (you can catch a preview of it on the latest BlizzCast) – and I'm looking forward to other people reading it, too.


Well, it's the lore nerd in me. I get disproportionately annoyed by people who make comments like this:

he was a pally not a shaman

Because the Lich King may look like Arthas Menethil, fallen paladin, but he is actually a composite being, owing as much of its existence to the soul of Ner'zhul, the orc shaman who was contacted by the Burning Legion, and who unwittingly put them on the path to demonic taint and the Horde. Oh, and who blew up Dreanor so he could escape. Nice chappie. And yes, that does mean that the Lich King is a Paladin – Death Knight – Shaman – Warlock multiclasser.

Bit of a twink, if you ask me…

Still, I hope the book will remind more people of the dual nature of the Lich King, as I'm sure it'll be important as we approach the end of this expansion. It's not just the mind of a young paladin we face, but the devious mind of a fallen orc who sold out his people for power, brought down genocide on the Draenei and has been tortured for years by the Burning Legion. 

To be fair to the "he was a pally" chap above, most people in the setting have no way of knowing that the Lich King is more than Arthas. And I doubt very many, if anyone, know the identity of the spirit that was bound to that suit of armour. But I'm sure this fact will be important as the story of the Lich King plays out. 
  • Kayeri

    I got mine yesterday morning, Leafy… You’re going to enjoy it… it certainly turned my personal lore theories on their collective ear… lol

  • Arthas was a Death Knight when he fuzored with the Lich King >_>

    Anyway I can definitely relate tot he frutration when people don’t remember lore that happened as recently as warcraft 3

    I mean I wasn’t surprised when noone knew who Zul’Jin was but Ner’Zhul? meh.

  • Indeed he was.

    Interesting parallels between Arthas and Ner’zhul

    Shaman – Warlock – Lich King
    Paladin – Death Knight – Lich King

    And both of the original career changes was actually the result of deception by members of the Burning Legion.

    They’re a well-matched pair.

  • I’m pretty sure there’s a Horde quest that involves finding a book (from Scarlet Monastery I believe) and answering questions on Ner’Zhul, though they don’t extend as far forward as his involvement with Arthas.

    Memories are fuzzy though.