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Oooh. This is great. I'd yet to find anything interesting squirrelled away in the fly-only part of the early Northrend zones. And then, last night, after helping a guildies with some Dragonblight quests, I came across this little trio.

A tent.
A boat.
And a very possibly occupied privvy.

I've no idea what the story is here, but it made me laugh when I found it.
  • I do believe the lovely miss Kinnavieve was equally stumped. I think it was the boat what did it.

  • Erinys

    I believe the lifeboats (if you can call them that) for the Skybreaker are rafts like that. So my theory for the whole scene is:

    Someone bailed off the Skybreaker or similar airborne vessel in one of the rafts which amongst other supplies obviously contain a flat pack privy and a tent :p

  • Ha!
    I just found that myself the other day… Privvy was occupied, so I had to find a tree…

  • I think these little things are my favorite part of the game 🙂