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So, finally we find out what where the Dalaran reps are going to start being used:

The Argent Tournament starter quests are a blast, even if the daily sites are absolutely mobbed right now, especially the Goblin ones. 

Talking of mobbed, Moonglade was a bit busy:
But the trip was worth it, for now you will see Leafy as she has never been seen before:

Yes, I've gone Tree / Moonkin dual spec for the daily-trashing fun that BOOMkin bring.

Oh, and the daily fishing quest out of Dalaran brought me this:

Pretty, isn't it?
  • Neat pics!

    I, too, have been really enjoying the Argent Tournament (I just wrote a post about it actually). I think it’s really well put together.

    I still have to do that fishing quest… but my fishing is only at 280 or something. Do you know if I can still get the quest while being that low?

  • nice, Leafy! I, too, went tree/boomkin. I haven’t had much time to play since, but I made sure to do some daily quests that always made me crazy as a resto, gleefully pew pewing the tar out of everything in sight! /cackle

  • Figworth

    I got the crab minipet the first time I did it. But, that fishing pole looks hot.

  • Chris

    Aha – fame at last – ok I got my name ina picture. nexttime though – say hello and i will FACE the camera 😉
    Your friendly Tauren tailor

  • Nice piece of wood there Leafy… and you got it pieced with a gem… very… now…