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The next one was pretty predictable, due to some good prep work in Nagrand a couple of years ago:

After that I popped to Dalaran, and happened to be near the Wintergrasp portal as the match began. "You know what?" I thought. "I've never actually done Lake Wintergrasp." So through the portal I went.

That went well. 

Frankly, I still don't have much idea what was actually going on, but I just ran around healing like mad, and that seemed to work just fine…

And after a quick run-through one of the Wintergrasp dailies with Andro, off to Storm Peaks I went to do some daily innuendoes and carry on with the quest chains there. And lo and behold:

Ta-bloomin'-da. 🙂

1 Technically Dr Leafy BSc (Hons) MPhil Phd PGCert, but she's not here to clobber me for not giving her her due… 🙂


Oooh. This is great. I'd yet to find anything interesting squirrelled away in the fly-only part of the early Northrend zones. And then, last night, after helping a guildies with some Dragonblight quests, I came across this little trio.

A tent.
A boat.
And a very possibly occupied privvy.

I've no idea what the story is here, but it made me laugh when I found it.