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Ooooh, exciting:

I know it seems traditional to hate the returned king of Stormwind, because he's getting all aggressive with the Horde and because he's hatin' on everyone's favourite orc, Thrall, but I think he's great.

Why? Well, for one, I think his complete and utter mistrust of the Horde is completely justified, as Lorecrafted points out, in great detail. And that's without mentioning the fact he was enslaved and forced to fight by orcs, or him witnessing the Warsong Clan's atrocities in Ashenvale, or that he's just seen off one of the Black Dragonflight, who have allied with the Horde in the past…

Varian is very much Thrall's darker opposite. The War Chief has been repeatedly exposed to the best of human nature down the years, while the King has had the very worse of Orc behaviour thrust into his life. And his charge that Thrall doesn't have a good grip on the Horde is more than justified. We might not be comfortable with his actions, or his view, but they are understandable, and just possibly right.

And my goodness, we didn't have this level of plot advancement in WoW a year ago, did we? Blizz really have driven the narrative aspect of WoW forward with this expansion.

  • I think it’s kind of nifty that neither Horde nor Alliance can claim to hold the moral high ground. The humans have always struck me (from as early on as the Elwynn Forest quests) as being inherently selfish and largely amoral, qualities that Wrynn seems to be exhibiting in spades.

    Actually, thinking about it, the only races the Alliance has who are “good” are the Draenei and … I shudder to say it, the Gnomes. Humans are just nasty pieces of work for the most part, Dwarves are so intent on aggressive archaeology that they don’t care who they have to hurt in order to dig up the past, Night Elves grew Teldrassil even though they knew it would most likely damage Azeroth.

    For the Horde (pardon the pun), Orcs are pretty neutral, mostly good but with a couple of bad apples; Trolls are models of restraint; Blood Elves were driven to the extremes they were by their allies’ betrayal and are now busy redeeming themselves; Tauren are (

    ) what the Night Elves should have been if they hadn’t decided to hide in the dark listening to bad music and cutting themselves; and the Forsaken … well they’re thoroughly selfish but only a few of them want to make everyone dead … they’re the most “human” of the Horde races.