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OK, OK, I admit it. I'm hooked. My fishing has lain moribund since I left Outland and its fishing dailies behind. But the new dailies have me going again, with my fishing rising rapidly, and my cooking to match. By the time the guild is raiding Naxx regularly, I should be a regular contributor of food into the raid consumables, as I've already got a huge stack of Northern Spices and most of the fish recipes. The eating's going well, too:
Fishing, of itself, is a very dull micro-game. But putting some of this other stuff around it really makes it much more fun. I hope Blizz takes the effort to add some more dailies into the rotation with each patch, because it's a great way to kill 5 mins 10 mins 15 minutes in game. 
  • I love fishing. So much so that that is all I have been doing, besides the cooking quests, in game the last couple of weeks. I got a glow worm ( yesterday in my fishing daily bag,and I am hoping it i oneof the new wacky looking lures. WoWHead hasn’t got any pictures yet 🙁

  • sorry that last sign in didn’t look like it worked. Wanted to say hi and let you know who I was!

  • To be quite honest, I really enjoy fishing. Many folks find it boring and slow. For me its quite relaxing. I’ve been fishing alot of dragonfin to make the Blackened Dragonfin. Although they take 2 fish to make the Blackened, they sell the best for me so I don’t mind. The limited area to catch them is annoying and sometimes I have ganking issues (I’m totally PVP stupid hehehe).

    While I fish I often listen to podcasts or music. Its a very relaxing time for me.

  • I used to hate fishing. Probably because I didn’t level it as I was leveling, so I had to do it all at once, and that’s just too much for a person. Even now, if I want to get sleepy, I can just put on the ol’ fishing pole, start casting… and my eyelids droop. It’s like magic.

    However, I’m SO happy they’ve put in achievements and (finally) the dailies for fishing in Northrend. It does make it a tiny bit more tolerable. (And yes, the ability to provide myself with food for raiding IS a plus.) 🙂