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Literally months after most of the people reading this, I should imagine, I hit Naxx for the very first time last night. And it wasn't a particularly auspicious start, to be honest.

We had nine people signed up for the run, and when the start time came we had but seven online, and a quick phone call brought us one of the missing two (the other, we later discovered, had been called away by a family emergency). Eight people for the guild's fourth trip to Naxx. Not good.

Naxx2 Still, off we trundled, one DPS and one healer down. We went through the trash like a knife through butter, and found ourselves at the first boss. And nearly dropped him. A little more care on positioning from the healers, myself included, and we got him second time. We were, to say the least, surprised. He'd been a real issue for the full 10 man teams we'd sent in the past, yet he fell. As did the Grand Window, on the first attempt.

However, we bounced off the third boss once too often, the lack of an extra healer and my tendency to get cocooned costing us dearly.

So we pootled off to Obsidian Sanctum, sliced through the trash, and dropped the first drake – not bad for our first ever trip in there. And then we called it a night.

It was a bizarrely encouraging restart of raiding for the guild. Sure, we were two people short. But even in a combination of quest blues and greens, plus some badge and crafted gear, we could put out the damage and healing to get bosses down. With a couple of extra people, we should be gearing up pretty fast.
  • Our guild recently lost quite a few players. Some went to “real” raiding guilds, a few broke off to form their own guild full of real life friends and family, and a few just quit playing. So what used to be a casual raiding guild that could get together two ten man teams now can barely scrape enough together to do one. This week we plan on trying to get back into raiding, and I am a little apprehensive. Or was, until I read your post. Maybe there is some hope for our sad little guild, after all!

  • Ahem, Leafy. Aren’t youy missing thanks for a very special person, without whom the raid would have been a complete bust?

    You know of whom I talk.

    The Mechanical Yeti 🙂

  • Its hard to start a new guild from scratch. I wish you good luck and no matter what happens, remember to have fun.


  • Just getting into Naxx and making the attempts is a good way to get things started. Watch for some good pugs who could turn into valuable members. I’m sure you guys will be kickin ass real soon and bringin home the sweet loot:)