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Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic Lifebloom is mugged with the nerf bat in Europe, just like it has been in the US.

I have cared about ze nerf of ze Lifebloom in the past. But zis time, I do not care.

The thing is, right, we now have a whole range of healy tree form goodness that we didn't have last time around. Nourish, and Wild Growth and glyphs have allowed much more variety of healing style, allowing us to move away from Lifebloom-centric healing.

I'll keep building three stacks on the tank. But I'm looking forward to hearing the bloom effect a lot more often.

(NB: Actual useful advice available here: Reprioritising Lifebloom)

  • I won’t stress about the changes to lifebloom until I get a chance to log in and test them myself. I certainly didn’t find the changes introduced in 3.0 as bad as people feared, and I hope the 3.1 changes will be the same.

    The only thing that will upset me is if Blizzard try to change the fundamental healing style of the druid class, and make us reactive, like all the other healing classes out there. I enjoy using my full range of heals, and like you I intend to continue to maintain a single LB stack on the MT wherever possible.

    We’ve got some lovely new heals (Wild Growth, Nourish), and I’m going to be interested to use a wider variety of them all 🙂