Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

I'm in a slog phase. With the dangling carrot of 80 gone, I'm working my way through Zul'Drak, racking up the cash and XP rep (d'oh), and trying to get groups together for instances.

I suppose my major goals are two-fold right now. Enjoy questing my way through the questlines in the game – and I've been enjoying the "hunted gods" questline in Zul'Drak very much – and get geared up for heroics and Naxx. All good fun, if still slow going right now.

Luckily, the rather lovely Icedragon of Druid Main has done a brilliant post highlighting the best rep items available for resto druids. So, I've been using that as a guide how to direct myself rep-wise as I build towards level 80 dungeons and heroics.

But tonight, it's Drak'Tharon Keep and (possibly) Violet Hold. My first time in both, so it should be a blast.

  • Kakura

    I hit 80 a long time ago and didn’t do the world’s best job of gearing up properly. I would definitely suggest you get yourself some Earthgiving pants and boots and run heroic Nexus (which is very easy) until you get the purple mace off the last boss. Plus, it’s 5 badges for the place and that’s nice. Those blue rep cloaks aren’t half bad, either. I think I had mine all the way up until I got a drop of Kel’Thuzad.

    I also found that the Overcast set (while PVP) made decent gear to bridge between leveling and raiding.

    As far as badges go, the idol and the egg are no-brainers (trinkets are really hard to replace). I’m also wearing the badge neck (the dps one, oddly, because I liked it better).

    Anyway, good luck gearing up!

  • Yay new dungeons!

  • I really enjoy VH. It’s a quick run, and it’s fun to heal =)

    @Kakura: I wore the dps neck too, because I liked it better – and then would get all self conscious that people would be like “WHY U HAV +HIT ON UR NECK OMG U SUCK U CALL URSELF A HAELR GTFO”

    And then I’d try to explain that the dps neck is actually really good for a resto druid healer!

    But by that point they would have kicked me out of the pug so it’d be moot point.

    Note: This scenario honestly never happened in game. I just thought of it in my imagination =P Yay for annoying things only happening in your imagination!

  • Ooooh, enjoy Drak’Tharon! Make sure you’ve got the quests from Grizzly Hills before you go in there. I don’t remember the name of the quest but the steps leading up to it require that you gather mojo from all over the place. Get the quests for Drak’Tharon before you go, you won’t regret it *wink*

  • Fully quested up and ready.

    In fact, I’ve slightly spoiled myself by going on to Zul’Drak before doing the instance, as I’ve met a key player again…

  • Ugh, I’ve been slogging along for too long. I like having a carrot dangled in front of me – once I’ve snatched the carrot, what fun is there?

    Enjoy Drak’Tharon Keep & (possibly) Violet Hold though! I particularly like VH – fun.

  • Yeah, it’s very much like the Black Morass, but with the boring bits removed.

  • @Averna

    I had Kel’s DPS caster dagger forced on me by my raid group (no one else wanted it, and I had the Wyrmrest Accord mace) and I’m still in my Moonkin belt (socket…so niiiice) so I have some +hit on me. I get odd looks from time to time, but my healing says otherwise 😀

    And thanks for the mention, Leafy! You might enjoy my Buff series as well when you’re getting into Naxx (I healed 4 Horsemen with 1400 healing without a hitch).