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So, not only have I dinged 80, but I also managed these two, both unexpectedly:

This happened while I was knocking up some Very Burnt Worg after doing the cooking daily and buying the recipe. And then, on the way back to Zul'Drak:


Uh, is there any point at all to Crystalsong Forest?
  • I think Crystalsong exists merely to host bits of that one cooking daily.

    Oh, and grats on 80 – the journey is not over, of course 🙂

  • Crystalsong Forest is there merely to host those really pretty crystaly trees!

  • I hope that they do something super cool with CSF later on, maybe a few patches from now =) Maybe a new instance, perhaps?

  • Yes, I hope they do. It feels like there’s something planned, with the Horde and Alliance bases down there, based around the two factions in Dalaran.

    Maybe it’ll be picked up with a future heating-up of the conflict between Horde and Alliance?

  • There are some quests that take place in Crystalsong Forest, but I haven’t found any that originate there … yet.

  • The only one I’ve found so far is the daily cooking quest that takes your down there to hunt the fearsome carrot.

    Looking forward to finding some more.
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