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BasinSo, I step through a special effect in Sholazar Basin, and the next thing I know I'm high above Un'Goro carter, completing a quest with a statue with a rather unfortunate facial hair problem.

And that's cool.

First of all, it's added a whole extra layer of meaning to old content. Suddenly we can retrospectively understand what those crystal pylons were all about, and just why the soil in Un'Goro can grow things other soil can't.

Secondly, it's the first time that the inability to fly in the old world is a positive boon. Now, in an out of game way, we know that this part was added to Un'Goro with Wrath, but as we could never get up there to find out, it could, in an in game sort of way, have been there all along.

And that is intriguing, isn't it? What could have been above (or below) familiar zones all this time?  What secrets of the past are lurking behind the veneer of zones we thing we know well?

I really hope that this little glimpse into the unknown parts of well-known zones isn't a one-off, but something Blizzard chooses to intrigue us with again in the future…

(That said, it was bizarre getting a zone's quests completion achievement in another zone completely – and on another continent, too.)

  • I think that was one of my favourite quests too. 🙂

    I’m guessing you didn’t know btw, but your google ads has a huge banner at the mo for a gold farming site… :S

  • I absoloutely loved this quest too! Khi had done it weeks before me and wouldn’t tell me what he was ‘oooh ing and ahhh ing’ at. He just said “I can’t tell you, you have to do it, you’ll love it” and I did.

    Like you say, it adds a whole other dimension and ties Sholazar to Un’goro more completely. I mean, you ‘knew’ there was a connection in theme but for them to fix it into ‘lore’ surprised and delighted me 🙂


  • Yes, I need to do something about that. I use Six Apart Media for the ads, but if they don’t have any inventory they automatically fall back on Google Ads. I can change that “fall back” setting to something else.

    I need to persuade someone with talent to make me a Blog Azeroth or Plus Heal banner of the right size for it to fall back on instead.