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BasinSo, I step through a special effect in Sholazar Basin, and the next thing I know I'm high above Un'Goro carter, completing a quest with a statue with a rather unfortunate facial hair problem.

And that's cool.

First of all, it's added a whole extra layer of meaning to old content. Suddenly we can retrospectively understand what those crystal pylons were all about, and just why the soil in Un'Goro can grow things other soil can't.

Secondly, it's the first time that the inability to fly in the old world is a positive boon. Now, in an out of game way, we know that this part was added to Un'Goro with Wrath, but as we could never get up there to find out, it could, in an in game sort of way, have been there all along.

And that is intriguing, isn't it? What could have been above (or below) familiar zones all this time?  What secrets of the past are lurking behind the veneer of zones we thing we know well?

I really hope that this little glimpse into the unknown parts of well-known zones isn't a one-off, but something Blizzard chooses to intrigue us with again in the future…

(That said, it was bizarre getting a zone's quests completion achievement in another zone completely – and on another continent, too.)

OK, just a BoE Blue, which I still need to figure out what to do with, but it's an achievement, right?

And from there onwards, it was plain sailing:

And that answered the question "can you get the non-heroic achievement on heroic mode?" with a definitive "yes". 

As we were on a roll, we went to peek our heads round the door of Utgarde Pinnacle on non-heroic, as it was the daily:

Oh, yeah. Easy

So we tried it again on Heroic, sailed through the first two bosses – and then I can repeatedly turned into splinters on the gauntlet. Ah, well. No point in running before you can walk… 

I was struck again by how hard Blizzard have worked to incorporate the Lich King into Wrath. We did two instances last night, both of which were new to me. First up was Culling of Stratholme, which I knew would contain Arthas.

I've played Warcraft III after all… 

However, I was caught on the hop by this:

Of the four instances I ran for the first time this week, Arthas or the Lich King appear in three of them. That's pretty consistent.  

It was very easy to forget that there was an ultimate purpose to Burning Crusade – to fight the demonic forces there, and find and slay Illidan. That was something that other people did, for most of us, that was just for the raiders.

The Lich King, though, is right there, in our faces, the whole way. Yes, it makes him seem a touch less powerful when we defeat every obstacle he puts in our way. But he's there. And we know that Icecrown is our goal.

If you spend enough time reading WoW blogs, you’ll eventually come across some mentions of BlogAzeroth. Now, you might be fooled into thinking that it’s something as benign as a forum, or maybe an online chat room.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is, in fact, a blogging sweatshop much like the one featured in this video:

You have been warned. It just starts off with a post or two, and suddenly you’re locked in a basement with senior bloggers yelling at you.

And the scary thing is, Matt tells us that working conditions at WoWInsider are worse…

[This post inspired by Bob]

WoW Headlines

This is a rather useful wee site: WoW Headlines.

It's much like the Warcraft AllTop, but broken down by classes instead of blogs. The majority of the subscriptions in my RSS reader are druids, bar the few dozen friends I've also added. This is a really handy way to keep abreast of discussions going on amongst the blogospheres around other classes.

Nice work from the person behind Alterac Volley, I believe.

[via Secret Agent Cat]

As one of my guildies was expressing his true feelings towards Arthas and another his aggro management policy, I bagged another achievement (and yes, this means I did it a little out of order):

And then, with a minor swap of party members (a purple-haired gnome replaced by a space goat shaman) we proceeded to Viole(n)t Hold:

Lucky that the big dragon died just as she stood on me, huh?

A productive night. Next stop: Gundrak.

I'm in a slog phase. With the dangling carrot of 80 gone, I'm working my way through Zul'Drak, racking up the cash and XP rep (d'oh), and trying to get groups together for instances.

I suppose my major goals are two-fold right now. Enjoy questing my way through the questlines in the game – and I've been enjoying the "hunted gods" questline in Zul'Drak very much – and get geared up for heroics and Naxx. All good fun, if still slow going right now.

Luckily, the rather lovely Icedragon of Druid Main has done a brilliant post highlighting the best rep items available for resto druids. So, I've been using that as a guide how to direct myself rep-wise as I build towards level 80 dungeons and heroics.

But tonight, it's Drak'Tharon Keep and (possibly) Violet Hold. My first time in both, so it should be a blast.

So, not only have I dinged 80, but I also managed these two, both unexpectedly:

This happened while I was knocking up some Very Burnt Worg after doing the cooking daily and buying the recipe. And then, on the way back to Zul'Drak:


Uh, is there any point at all to Crystalsong Forest?