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Like a good little Leafy, I've been busy doing my levelling rep grinds, and have the most sinister penguin in the world and a fishing rod to show for it. Hurrah.

But that's got me thinking – I'm on the path to 80, and want to be gearing up for Naxx. Which reputation grinds should I be concentrating on now that the walrus men love me enough that I don't have to steal puppies for them any more. Which of the tabard-based factions and which of the daily-based factions should I be working on first?

Help a tree out here! Some advice, please, my loyal reader…

  • Siobhann

    Hi, Leafy
    Your first priorities are Wyrmrest revered for the hat enchant and a mace if you need one, and Sons of Hodir honored, then exalted for the shoulder enchants. There isn’t much end-game stuff for us restos at the other factions, unless Blizz adds some stuff to the game. The best bits of gear are crafted. If you ever like to run around as a lazer-chicken, you’ll want Kirin Tor revered for the hat enchant and the dagger, and Wyrmrest exalted for the amazing boots. Kirin Tor also has an acceptable cloth chest at exalted, although it has MP5 instead of spirit (boo).

    While you’re leveling, do the cooking dailies for the Kirin Tor rep, make sure you do all the Dragonblight quests for Wyrmrest, and do the Sons of Hodir quest chain when you’re closer to 80.

    Hope this helps and I’m sure others can fill in stuff I missed. (By the way, your blog is really hard to comment on with Noscript running.)

  • Hi Leafy,

    I’ve been a lurker for a while now, first time commenter. I enjoy your blog!

    The other commenter said it better, but yes, revered with Wyrmrest isn’t too hard to do, and you get a nice head enchant. Past that, the Sons of Hodir has all the shoulder enchants, but does not have a tabard, so for players like me, it is a slow grind (I am a resto druid Hordeside).

    Good luck, and congrats on 79! 🙂

  • Thanks for the advice, Siobhann, that’s really useful.

    I’m trying out the new Typepad Connect service which is javascript-based, which is why noscript will be interfering with it.

    I imagine that it interferes with most of the new breed of comment services like Disqus and Instense Debate. Can you “exempt” certain sites from noscript?

  • I’d better go find the Sons and start on the dailies then, hadn’t I? 🙂


  • Aha, that’s why I couldn’t comment! NoScript stikes again. Got it sorted now 🙂

    Anyhoo, agree with the previous comments, not a lot gear-wise to get excited about, so best to prioritise the head and shoulder enchants. If you’re a Scribe it’s not even worth going for the shoulder enchants, as the Scribe-only ones are better.

    If you picked up Pengu that makes me think you’re interested in pets, so I’d recommend getting your Oracles rep up to Revered so that you can start buying the 7-day hatching egg from them 🙂

  • I’m a tailor/enchanter, so it’s the shoulder enchants for me.

    And yes, I do quite like my pets, although as a long-time pet fan, I’m slightly miffed by all the people who have more than me now, just for the achievements…

  • Siobhann covered it mostly, but I would like to add Exalted Kirin Tor. This is probably easiest achieved by wearing a Kirin Tor tabard while doing Heroics at 80.

    Overall this would be the best rep in the long term before the next expansion is released as it reduces all vendor bought items (like reagents) and repairs in Dalaran by 20%.

    Before hitting Exalted myself, I’ve no problems zoning back to Shattrath or a Faction city to get repairs done since it quickly adds up especially in Epic gear. Saving up every copper for a Mekgineer’s Chopper or a Mechano-hog counts!

    Also at Exalted Kirin Tor, the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and other achievement mounts sold by Mei Francis are 20% cheaper.

    And finally, the excellent healer and achievement ring, Loop of the Kirin Tor (I bought mine at Revered at 15% less). Usable only at 80, this ring would serve you well into raiding Nax25/Uldar10, a recommend purchase if you can afford it over all other purchasable achievements (like mounts); the second Hearthstone is sweet too.

  • Hey Leafy, I’m working on a post for Resto Rep Rewards and it should be up by Tuesday. I’ll email you the link once it goes up 🙂

  • Oooh, excellent. I look forward to that!

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