Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

You like somebody, you trust somebody and then what do they do? They tag you so you have to post your UI and bags, and then everyone can see how much of a n00b you are.

Cheers, Bell. 🙂

Right, here we go. Chocks away:


Yes. I'm a n00b. I use pretty much the default interface. I do have HealBot and Omen installed, which will pop up when I'm in a group, but generally I just use the out-of-the-box interface. I can't get into wholesale revamping of the interface now. Sorry. I'm just too used to the default after four years…

As for my bags, well, four normal bags and one enchanting bag. As I'm levelling and disenchanting quest greens a lot of the time, it makes sense space-wise to be carrying an enchant bag. It also means I can be doing enchants for guildies on an impromptu basis, too. I level enchanting faster that way. 

There's the best part of 2 sets of gear in there, too. There's my kitty feral gear, with some swap-out bear gear. And a few spell-casting orientated swap-outs from my normal healing kit. There will be some pots, some cooking mats, and some quest items. And probably a few trinkets or idols I should have got rid of by now.

Actually, my bags are a mess, aren't they?

  • After playing so long with the default UI its understandable you don’t wanna change, one addon might drastically help you though, there are many that accomplish this and its a type of addon I cannot live without now, one that puts all your bags into one screen to manage, makes bag management and arrangement so much easier while not actually interfering with the UI unless your bags are open and even then it is just a subtle difference 🙂

  • 😀 /hug

    (you didn’t tag anyone else!! omg)

  • I wondered if it was rather too late to do so.

    Do you think I should?

  • You know you want to 😛

    My bags are generally full of herbs and random stacks of food that I always think about selling, but then think ‘ohhh, if you dooooooo …’

  • You talked me into it. I’ll tag some folks in the morning. 🙂

  • These sorts of posts are fun. And even if you don’t get around to tagging other people, I’m tagging myself 🙂

    I used to be just like you, using only the default interface (this was back in the dinosaur days, so I really didn’t use ANYTHING else) but unlike you, I wanted to. Overhauling UIs is fine with me, as long as you don’t clutter the screen up. 🙂

  • My ingame bags resemble my real hand bags…full of junk and things I don’t need just yet, but might come in handy some day. Although I’m not totally sure if that orb which turns you ino a whelp, bought from that cave in Bladesedge, will really come in handy any time soon. Also, I’m too cheap to pay for extra bag slots in he bank and forget to check my alts mail boxes for all non soulbound items :).

    Btw, nothing wrong with the old UI. I find it kind of comforting to have tbh.