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I've been tagged so often in the last few days that I feel like a rare spawn mob. I've been tagged by Phae and Bell and Gnomer and Northern Spiced Tuna Steak and possibly others…

What do I have to do? Find my sixth folder with screenshots in it and select the sixth screenshot in it. 

Well, guys, it's an old one. Let's go back to April 2005 when Leafy and some Shattered Ravens colleagues face this:


Yes, my very, very first Deadmines – and instance – run.

And it's still a big ship. :)

I'm tagging – anyone who hasn't been tagged yet. First six people to self-tag themselves in the comments will get linked. Have at it! 

  1. Averna of Nerf this Druid goes dancin' (You askin'? She's dancin')
  2. Megalis of Vendor Trash can't decide if it's Naxx or Ironforge
  3. Icedragon of Druid Main is busy doin' the BOOMkin in Shattered Halls
  4. Xeonio of Rez the Weak (but only if they beg) is cutting the rug
  • Averna

    I’m gonna be a dork and tag myself. Hehe. <3

  • Megalis

    Consider me tagged!

  • Icedragon

    Following suit and tagging myself :)

  • Xeonio

    Thanks for the challenge Leaf!

  • Leafy

    Thanks, all. Finally got around to updating the post…