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Ugh. /sob /cry

Bad news abounds! Abounds, I say!

  1. Phae, the druid blogger, the one who was so damn good that she made me get off my lardy virtual arse and get blogging, is calling it a day. I understand her reasons completely, and am glad there's the patter of tiny roots in her future, but the blogging world will be all the poorer if she doesn't re-emerge somewhere or somehow. Thanks Phae. You'll be missed. 
  2. We haz been hax0red. Ouch.

Still, I had pancakes last night. That counts for something.

  • Thanks for everything, Leafy. I certainly hope we can stay in touch, even if I shed my leaves (if only temporarily) and blogging practices (if more permanently)!

    Very sorry to hear about your guild bank troubles. I think requiring all officers to have Authenticators is a really good idea!